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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Harvest Fest

Here is a view from our weekend adventure. JJ's friend Karly that I keep on Tuesday met us there with her Mommy and it was a blast! It was great being able to let the kids just run around and not having to worry, we even let JJ and Karly choose which way we went through the corn maze. Lets just say we went in a lot of circles! The kids were so worn out they even let me sleep in a bit this morning! JJ's favorite part of the entire night I think was the Face painting, he wouldn't let me wash his spider off so this morning there was "nother sider on his pillow" (in his words). Jayden enjoyed the hay ride the most, mainly cause she liked eating the hay! haha.  We even got to bring home pumpkins!
 Karly Jayden and JJ in the corn maze, we had to rest a bit!
 Jayden Love, she was so good all night even when it started getting late.
 JJ and Karly's face painting. JJ got a spider and Karly a bat
 Enjoying the hay ride. Not much of the hay was left after these two got out of it. They tossed it everywhere!
 Always smiling for the camera!
 On the ride home with their pumpkins
Anytime we can find something kid friendly the whole family can enjoy it's fun. I love watching my kids grow a little more everyday!

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