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Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's OK to ChEAT...

It's ok to cheat...
 ...ON YOUR DIET that is!
 Geez, get your head outta the gutter! 
It's been known that almost all diets don't work and usually don't last.
But how about having a diet that you can actually eat the foods that you like... like that Sweet Tea as my cousin Cindy so much loves, and I'm not gonna lie I do too. Or even that sweet tooth for something chocolate or salty.
My best advice is pick that one day that is either usually your toughest day at work or your busiest day of shopping, baseball games, basketball games, cheerleading camps, or maybe a night out with the girls (or that special boy). 
I don't know about you but I'm not good at rules... I'm the type of girl that if someone tells me I can not do something, I'm gonna do it anyway.  Just as my parents I'm sure they spent many nights up wondering if I'd turn out okay or if I'd ever be able to support myself, or heck even finish college!
So with this said I set myself boundaries (not rules) here they go:
1. I must eat good for 6 out of the 7 days in the week. 
and by good I don't mean a salad every day...  don't you get bored with eating rabbit food all the time, and don't you end up covering it with Ranch anyways? By good I mean my 6 small meals a day including a filling breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
and I don't miss my workouts unless it's just impossible to get there.
2. Pick one day of the week and STICK with it!
my day is Saturday, I choose Saturday bc that is the day i'm usually in Mphs, at a basketball tournament, or at the River (I'm a sucker for biscuits and gravy) plus I have all week to look forward to it.
3. I cheat ALL day for all 6 of my meals.
Now since I'm cheating all day I DO NOT let myself over enduldge... I take a little of whatever I want here is my usual Saturday routine,
breakfast: half a biscuit with gravy on the top, fried egg, and one slice of bacon 
1st snack: dark chocolate
lunch: Bologna miracle whip, peanut butter, tomato sandwich on white bread with salt and pepper (don't hate until you try it, it's my cheat day haha)
and this is for you Cindy....
some sweet tea... BUT i use half unsweet and half sweet.... 
after not drinking it all week it taste sweeter than normal sweet tea!
2nd snack: some salty chips... but I get a handful and put the bag up
dinner: Usually half a steak, baked potato (with the fixings), and a salad or my father in law makes fried fish and fries if we are at the river
finally my favorite... I end the day off right...
 3rd Snack: 4 cookies and milk
4. Wear loose clothing on your cheat day
If you cheat wear loose clothing on your cheat day, you ARE gonna get bloated and it will last pretty much all day.  Your body wont be use to all the salt or the added sugar if you did good during the week. 
And for the final one
5. Don't regret it!
This is YOUR day to enjoy the things you like! If you don't do this then the entire time that you are dieting (which for some of us seems like everyday of our lives)
you will be miserable watching everyone you love being able to eat pretty much whatever they want.  And what you don't know in the long run when you get to that goal weight whatever it maybe your body will adjust better to you being off the diet because it was still able to get a taste of the "good life" as I call it. Not to mention you wont just indulge yourself into all your weakness food making you gain all your weight back faster than it took to loose it.

So... enjoy this, let it be our dirty little secret... 
What happens on the blog, stays on the blog, hehe 
(corny I know)
I'm already dreaming about what's to come on Saturday.... what day are you working towards?

Tip of the day:
Try eating a juicy fruit before every meal... it helps the food go down a lot easier and your metabolism starts working before you get the fattier food in! Not to mention most of us don't get enough fruit in our daily intake anyways...

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