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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Cow vrs The Turkey

Have you noticed how in the Race to who can be the healthiest and fittest the argument about ground turkey and ground beef always come up.  If you ask the person next to you which they think is best they would pretty much, automatically say Turkey.  That is not always true.  The sad thing is even I know this and I still want to choose the turkey every time i'm at the market. 
Anyway, here is the difference:  
Ground beef and Ground Turkey are both processes in a fat to lean ratio (it's located on the meat package usually in the red or white square)
on this package it states that this meat is 85% lean (for you "blondes" out there it's 30% fat).
If you were to take a 3 1/2 oz serving of ground beef and ground turkey at 85% lean the ground beef would have 215 cals and 18g of fat, however the turkey would only be 180 cals and 12.5g of fat. 
with that said be careful what you buy because if you are just running to the market and you see the ground turkey sitting across from the ground beef, check out it's ratio. The market may not have the leaner ground turkey available and you might be better off to get the ground beef. Usually the best place to get ground turkey that is the leanest it can be which is 93% is at the Whole foods store, one which is in Memphis. It contains more white ground turkey than dark and will sometimes be listed as ground turkey breast (just doesn't have as much flavoring in it b/c it's not fatty. 
Hopefully this gives some of you a little relief! I know you get tired of hearing
whose the real winner here... it's no longer a fight between the cow and the chicken, now matter how much you like that cute little Chick-Fil-A cow (even though that little fast food chain is known as the healthiest Fast food chain in America). It's all in the labeling! Beef can actually be just as healthy had the Turkey is.  You have to make the decision when your standing in the meat department which is better for you that is available at that time. 
With that in mind... what's for dinner?
Tonight it's chicken here, however we had everyone over last night for a birthday dinner and had
 Turkey Tacos! 
Everyone loved them! However nobody even knew and they all said they loved them! Here is my recipe for my famous Taco's
(it's super easy)

I get 2lbs lean ground beef or ground turkey 
(like I said which ever is at the market at the time)
Mccormicks Low Sodium Taco Seasoning
Whole Grain Tortilla Shells Or Taco shells 
(Whole Grain Taco shells are hard to find BUT you can always get tortilla chips) 
mozzerella cheese
 ( the whiter the cheese the healthier it usually is)
diced tomatoes
and who can resist a little sour cream :)

I will say I was in a rush yesterday and running around the world and forgot a couple of things... they were still pretty good!

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