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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Been a month since....

Things in the Wise house have been pretty crazy this past month and I have yet to had to time to relax and post on my blog so... this post is going to be a quick catch up.

We have finally opened the new Building for Suntanz and that is a big stress reliever... I felt like I was working 24/7 on top of another 24/7 job of being Wife and Mommy. It looks great and we have had amazing feed back from the customers. We've been a lot busier here lately than we have in a while, especially during slow season but we are gearing up and putting on our Christmas smiles and hoping we have a BIG HOLIDAY rush with all our new products that we have now.

 My personal favorite being the Stephanie Dawn bags that we got. They are just like Vera Bradley, made by the same manufacturer that they were when they were made in the states and the same exact material, just way more affordable. They even make the same things just different patterns!

And I am also making custom picture frames and mirrors, along with coasters.  Here is one Picture Frame that I've made.

After the first week of Opening a tragedy in our family happened and Jordan's dog Duke, which became more like JJ's, that he had gotten for his birthday a year ago tried to jump the fence while we were in Manila and visiting family and got his collar caught on the fence and hung himself. It was awful and I'm glad that the kids didn't see it, our neighbors called to inform us of what happened and my father in law buried him for us. I didn't imagine what toll it would take on the boys. I knew JJ would be upset but I wasn't prepared for how much Jordan would be upset. That next Morning JJ got up and once he was ready to leave for school he let himself out to the back yard to tell Duke bye like he normally did and grabbed his ball and was yelling for him. I went out to get him and he was sitting in the dog house asking for him. I didn't know what else to say except for that Jesus needed a good dog like Duke to play in his backyard so that all the kids in heaven could have a good puppy to play with. His words to me were "Jesus send nother." I couldn't do anything but cry.And you ask what my response was.... yes baby Jesus is sending you a new one right now... He's gonna pick you out a special one!
This is the day that we brought Duke 1 home.
 A day in the life of Duke 1
 Playing Fetch with the boys... JJ loved throwing Duke the ball
 And always thought that he had to feed him.

Needless to say Jesus knew what he was doing cause that next Thursday we picked up Duke the 2nd. He has the same Daddy as Duke 1 did and looks JUST like him! JJ will not call him just Duke, he insist that his name is Baby Duke, which he is a LOT smaller than Duke 1 was the last time we saw him.
JJ is finally allowing "Baby Duke" to get in the dog house and just the other day told him that he "guessed" Duke would be okay with him playing with his ball. They are pretty happy together, although Jayden is still trying to adjust to the hyper little puppy!

It took JJ just a little while to realize that it was okay to have a new puppy.

Other than that we are gearing up for the holidays and looking forward to spending it with the family! No worries I wont wait so long to write again! Happy November!

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."

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