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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Unfinished Business...

You know how you meet those creative people and you always think... hey I could probably do that. Well I'm one of those ppl, not the creative one but the one wishing that in the back of their head, maybe even in their next life, they could be that creative. I have all these unfinished projects around the house that I start and then I never finish, but what can I say at the time I start them I am SOO excited about it (in my best high school voice). Kinda like this blog, it's been sitting here since this time last year, I mean I last posted about J graduating college and moving on to the next stage in our lives. Well we've moved, J's coaching 7th grade basketball and is the ALE teacher at Blytheville Intermediate School and me, well.... I have finished FINALLY and now own my own business, a dream of mine since I was little! I am the bright, enthusiastic, annoying, person you don't want to see when your eating at a restaurant, or in line at the concession stand, fitness instructor at Manila Bootcamp. Those who know me well, know this is what I love to do. I currently have 5 classes a day 3 days a week and starting next week will be adding class number 6 for the high school cheerleaders. Some ppl dread going to work, I love it... I wear shorts and tank and some comfy tennis shoes. It's me being me (I don't do the dressy stuff very well) so here it is, this unfinished business of a blog, is now gonna become my Fitness Journal, Healthy food loving, Exercise advice giving, and everyday happening in the life of a Wise... as told by a WISE woman! Hope you enjoy!! Look forward for my post tomorrow on "Recovery" coming out of a week of Cardio Blast workouts! Love you all!

Advice of the day: Your only 1 workout from a good mood!