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Monday, July 11, 2011

Playing catch up!

It's been so long since I've posted... and so much has happened!

Well since November, both kids had a great Christmas and we started the 2011 year out with Jordan finishing up his last semester of College. He student taught at Pocahontas High School and helped with the boys high school basketball team.
In April we hit a huge speed bump in life... Our little Jayden was been diagnosed with an ear infection. We went through many sleepless nights and also scary times when she was life like. I knew that something else was wrong with her, she never smiled, never talked, was throwing up and wouldn't eat anything. It was like her little body was just waisting away. I took her back up to the doctor in Pocahontas and he told me that she must have just had a reaction to the meds and gave her some new ones which once they didn't do anything to help her after two days I told them I was coming back up there that something was definitely wrong with her and that it wasn't just an ear infection!
I was denied... they said that I didn't give the medicine enough time to get into her system and by this time I was furious! So I myself turned on my flashers and speed all the way to St. Bernard's Hospital and admitted her to the ER. They immediately told me she was very dehydrated and and did all kinds of test. Once some of her blood work came in and all her counts were low they called into Lebouhner hospital and had a helicopter come pick her up and send her to Memphis.  She was such a trooper, she didn't cry once they had her on the helicopter and she had to ride all by herself so we jumped in the cars and headed to Memphis. Clueless of what was gonna be the out come of our little girls condition.
Once we got to Lebouhner it was a relief in some ways because of how helpful everyone was and they wasted no time. We soon knew she had HUS, Hemolytic uremic syndrome  is a condition that results from the abnormal premature destruction of red blood cells. Once this process begins, the damaged red blood cells start to clog the filtering system in the kidneys, which may eventually cause the life-threatening kidney failure associated with hemolytic uremic syndrome. I was so scared... but after dialysis and blood transfusions the took amazing care of her and had her back to normal within a week. It was a scary process but in some ways it reminded Jordan and I how important our family was!
In May Jordan graduated and then the beginning of June we moved to Manila so that Jordan could work for his dad until School starts back, which we will hopefully hear about a job soon and be moving into a bigger house!
Now that we've slowed down a little bit I hope that I can stay up to date on my blogging!
This picture is what she looked like when we first got to St. Benards.

This is straight off the helicopter  into Memphis, swollen even more.

Her first treatment of Dialysis and a blood transfusion at the same time

Eating on her own for the first time in 3 days

Mommy and Daddy watched movies while she rested and slept... we felt so blessed to be in such great hands!

After she was getting better and was able to have everything but her central line for dialysis out JJ came to visit and the rode in the wagon (they have these all over the hospital) We were able to get out in it the last two days we were there.

So proud of J for graduating!

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